Best gorgeous hair colors to inspire your new look

The best way to give your hair a glow is to get some highlights. Highlights are one of the greatest hair color ideas for summer because they really lighten up the hair without having to do the whole head, which is cheaper. Some face framing lighter streaks around the face and on top create a sun-kissed look. If you have blonde hair, try even lighter blonde highlights like champagne and platinum. For brown hair, lighten up with medium blond to light blond highlights. Honey or caramel-colored highlights also give a warm glow. For darker hair, medium brown or even red highlights can still give the same effect. Red hair also looks beautiful with blonde highlights.

Radical color

Are you looking for more radical color for your hair? You may want to consider some of the more unnatural shades of red, blue, green, orange, pink or purple that are on the market. These colors can be hard on your hair mainly because it is actually a two stage process. In the first step you use a color stripper to remove your natural color and then you dye over top of it with the radical color. It is important to use the stripper so that you can get accurate results that match the color in the jar.

Natural Apperarance

If you don’t want to change your overall color or if you want a more natural appearance, you should consider streaking your hair or putting high or low lights in it. These are sections of hair in different thicknesses which can be colored a lighter or darker shade than the hair around it. Thinner highlights often look more natural and it can be a good idea to get a professional to help you so you see where the highlights should go. Check out these pretty hair color ideas.

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