22 Pretty mismatched nail trends for 2020

Time flies so fast and we are now anticipating the coming of the spring season. The runways of Spring and Summer 2020 have us wishing for winter to end sooner. For nails, it’s all about delicate patterns and fun twists to old and classic designs. Here is a little preview of this spring’s nail trends.

Nail polish is today available in all colors and hues. Think about your outfits and personality when it comes to the color. For instance, even though you do not necessarily have to match your nail polish with your outfit colors, you might not feel very comfortable wearing bold colors such as red and neon green. Choose a color you are bound to be comfortable wearing. Remember that most nail designs come with more than one color, hence the importance of choosing colors that complement each other.

Nail trends

Gray is one of the most popular and sought after trends for this season. It has definitely replaced black as the color of choice. This color can be worn at any occasion. You can choose a sheer, opaque gray for work or you can have the ones with silvery tones to glam up your nails during a night out. This color is so versatile that you can definitely wear it anywhere.

Bold, Bright, and Beautiful
Now seriously, what screams summer more than having bold colors on your nails? For this season, it is the perfect time to wear something bright. Keep all of your fall/winter colors and grab your yellows, oranges, cobalt blues and aqua greens. Having these colors on your nails can definitely accentuate your summery outfits. Try wearing a green dress with yellow nails, or give your white top a pop of color with neon pink.

Classic Nudes
Another color trend that never goes out of style is the neutral or nude color. Nude colors are practically such classic colors that it can be worn at any time, anywhere and at any location. These colors are especially great for weddings and other formal events. Colors can vary from very light pastel colors such as pinks and peaches to flesh tones and platinums. You can surely never go wrong with this!

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