White and green bridal bouquet

Get inspired by some of our favorite white and green wedding bouquets. Flower bouquets are always an attraction at every wedding. Bouquets are a vital part of the wedding traditions in all races. The bouquet symbolizes the blossoming bride and reflects the emotion that she goes through. Your wedding bouquet is the definitive accessory for your wedding dress. No matter what time of year you are getting married, these white and green wedding bouquet ideas sure to inspire you.

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Did you know silk flowers are cheaper than fresh flowers, but look just as good, aren’t as expensive, and can be kept after the wedding without preserving. The type of stems you choose (natural or wired), will limit the types of bouquet you can make. You should try and keep the flower girl bouquets in a similar style, but try to make them smaller. After all, it’s YOU who is the star of the wedding. If you want to make your own wedding bouquet, then silk flowers are much easier to use, as you dont have to worry about damaging them. Perhaps the most important thing to consider though is choosing the right style of bouquet for your body shape…

Short Ladies…I recommend that short ladies go for a large teardrop or sheath bouquet, as they need to add height. These two types of bouquets give the illusion of length, were as a posy would make you look more compact and shorten you even more.

Tall Ladies…I recommend that tall ladies go for a large posy or a medium teardrop bouquet. A large posy will draw the eye down and give people a focal point so that they won’t be focusing on your height. A medium teardrop will also draw the eye down so that your height looks a little more even.

Large Ladies…I recommend that large ladies get a large bouquet. A small bouquet will exaggerate your width, and make you seem larger than you really are. Use a large bouquet, which will make you seem much slimmer.