Top Wedding Cake Trends for 2020

Brides to be 2020 attention! Get on board with these wedding cake trends for 2020 if you’re getting married next year! The wedding cake is one of the central elements of the reception. It is a delicious and beautiful tradition that is often one of the most photographed. Long gone are the days that the ubiquitous all-white cake reigned supreme; these days, cake designers are having fun reinventing the wheel and incorporating all kinds of new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials that would have never been dreamt of in wedding cake trends past.

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Wedding cake by pepperpeach.cakery

Top Wedding Cake Trends for 2020, best wedding cake, wedding cake ideas

Wedding cake by Jasmine Rae Cakes

Streamlined geometric wedding cakes : are also in style for this year 2019. A three or four tier cake with square layers will look chic this year. Motifs with clean lines suit this modern cake design, as do bands of horizontal stripes. Emphasize a minimalist chic by keeping the cake itself pure white. Festive touches of color in the motif will keep the cake from looking too plain. Symmetry is also in, by the way, so stack those square tiers with the same orientation; none of that topsy-turvy stuff that was popular a couple of years ago.

Simple white wedding cake : A simple but lovely way to decorate a wedding cake with flowers is to perch one or two blossoms at the base of each tier of the cake. Due to the minimal use of flowers, the cake may include another detail. A colorful ribbon wrapped around the base of each layer is a pretty way to dress up a simple cake. Another trend is to pipe a row of frosting “pearls” around the base of each cake tier. It is a pretty complement to pearl bridal jewelry, and is just enough to help the cake feel complete. Either fresh or sugar blossoms can be used for this type of wedding cake decoration. Since you do not need a large number of blossoms, it would not be prohibitively expensive to have the baker hand-make the blossoms if you prefer that look.