25 Best Hair Color Ideas and Styles

If you’re looking for something different, go with a pretty style that comes with a dramatic punch. This option is ideal for any hair type, including African American curls. Dark hair looks stunning with bold highlights. Add some curls or waves to your hair to further accentuate the balayage. Besides, you can experiment with coloristic techniques, introducing highlights, lowlights, ombre or even hair chalking into your hairstyles to add more exclusiveness to your looks. We feel you need some color inspiration, don`t you?

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  • Ombre is still on-trend. This season to keep up with the current trends it’s recommended to go either for sombre (very soft and subtle color transitions) or ombre that starts higher on your locks, closer to the roots.
  • Rose gold. Redheads may indulge in fantastic hues of already familiar coppers and auburns as well as the new rose gold, which is divinely clear and enticing this season. With fair peachy skin you will look adorable in these tones. Embrace the idea, as long as you can afford it.

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